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Engage is a non-governmental organization established in 2011 A.D. Their primary category of work are social inclusion and Disabled rights.Engage envisions youths and young adults with disabilities being recognized and acknowledged for their achievements and unique contributions to the development of a more inclusive, fair and prosperous for all society. Their mission is to partner with youths and young adults with disabilities towards a lifelong path of personal and professional achievements and recognition.
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Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN), is a non-profit, humanitarian and development organization that has been instrumental in providing access to relief, development projects and volunteerism, leaving no one behind. Established in 2006 AD, Community Development Center (now, the VCN) is affiliated to Social Welfare Council in Nepal that works on volunteer and project basis module.
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YUWA is a non-governmental, non-profitmaking organization established in 2066 B.S. with youth entrepreneurship as their primary category of work. YUWA envisions a situation whereby youth, as indispensable change agents, are valued partners in decision making at all levels. Their missions include Empowering youth to participate in local issues and sustainable and intergenerational partnership and advocating for greater youth participation at all levels.
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Special School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center (SSDRC) is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization, registered for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), that was established in 2010 to provide special education, therapeutic and related services for such children from deprived families of Nepal.
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“Since their establishment, SETU Nepal has been working as a bridge to fill up the gap between the isolated group of women and children and the society, with care, support, education and capacity building” - Aarati House, a transit home. A shelter with 14 beds capacity is providing treatment for children and women with HIV along with necessary support for rehabilitation
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The Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT), a non-profit making, non-governmental organization, was founded in 1991 with a single focus of work, which is conservation and restoration of the traditional architectural heritages, inside Kathmandu Valley. They are the only organization in Nepal that is working in this field and have been doing a great job for the last 26 years, restoring more than 60 monuments till date and providing documentation of all their work.
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We started gathering housewives, who gave up on their dreams and interests after marriage, to motivate them and help them pursue their goals. We held some activities that our members were interested in and found out that it is very important that women continue doing such activities, even if they are married and have children, for rejuvenation. Just because someone is married doesn’t mean she should only be doing household works, but she should also have some time for herself and her interests. That is what ‘Women’s Club’ is all about.
We were very happy to know that Hiteri is raising funds for NGOs. We are planning to expand our activities according to the interests of our members, but we have not been able to do that for a while due to financial problems. But now, Hiteri is helping us through crowdfunding. For a growing organization like ours, Hiteri is a great platform. We are looking forward to start new programs with the help of Hiteri and we thank the team that is working to make this happen.
- Women's Club

Our shelter home had just received two new children and we were looking for any kind of help that we could get to support those two children. Here at Setu Nepal, we shelter the children of people infected with HIV, have passed away or those in prison, as the children are mostly discriminated. We have very few number of children living with us. We provide education, healthy food, shelter, other basic needs and very good facilities for these children. Two new children were recently brought to us and we need some funds or sponsors for them to go to school.
Hiteri came to us as a blessing. As the first online crowdfunding platform in Nepal, there is hope for many people who need help. We are very happy that the two children can go to a good school now, with the help of this platform and we are very thankful for the all the effort.

- Setu Nepal

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